So, you’ve decided to hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant…now what?

You’re the business owner. The one the buck stops with. You work hard and have grown your business from the ground up. You’ve done your homework on social media management, and now you’ve decided it’s time to hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant so your business can grow exponentially.

But the question is: How do I choose the right Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

A quick online search has probably already shown you all of the benefits of investing in social media management services. But if you need more information, check out “5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant NOW”.

All of the websites tell you that the right Virtual Assistant will stay up-to-the-minute on ever-changing Pinterest policies and best practices and will create a personalized strategy for your business. A great Virtual Assistant will help increase traffic to your site, grow your email list and your sales, will free up your time and attention, and allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business and personal life.

The benefits go on and on and you’re sold…

But knowing how to choose the right Virtual Assistant for your business is just as vital as knowing why you should hire one.

Below are three less-talked-about qualities to keep in mind when considering hiring your Pinterest Virtual Assistant.

1. A Proven Track Record:

With something as important as the growth and success of your business in their hands, you want to make sure your Virtual Assistant has the experience and satisfied clientele that reflects quality work. Take the time to explore the prospective VA’s website. Look for references and testimonials. Contact the VA and request references if you cannot find them online. Experience says a lot. You want to work with a VA who has a proven track record to show you that they can take your business into the future you have in mind.

2. Progressive Up-To-The-Minute Strategy:

In an online environment that changes faster than Taylor Swift releases albums, having a VA who can change and update their approach with the times can’t be stressed enough. It’s a good idea to get a clear picture of how your prospective VA has kept their strategies current. Consider making an appointment to interview them and find out how their approach has evolved over time. What tools and approaches do they use to keep current in the online social media market. By interviewing them, you can get a sense of where they have been and how they can help your business keep up with the times.

Individualized Attention:

To say every business is different seems obvious, but this cannot be overstated. Maybe your business offers a specific niche product or service. Or perhaps you have unconventional business hours. Whatever your specific business requirements are, you need a VA who can be flexible and creative enough to give your business the TLC it needs to thrive. When you contact your prospective VA, how quickly do they respond? Are they available to meet during your unique working hours? Are they reliable? Are they familiar with your service, with your product, your niche? How well they can customize their schedule and services to meet the unique needs of your business will give you an indication of how committed they are to growing your business.

What it Comes Down to:

Whatever your business, you deserve to have a Virtual Assistant whose track record can give you confidence, whose strategies stay up to speed, and who can work within the needs of your business.

Keep these things in mind as you consider the Social Media Virtual Assistant who’s right for your team.

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