Do you want to increase your blog’s traffic?  Of course you do!  The answer to increasing pageviews is as simple as updating old blog posts.  Instead of taking the time to create new content, take a little time to update old ones.

Increase Traffic By Updating Old Blog Post

They say you should spend 20 percent of your time writing blog posts and 80 percent promoting your content. But, one thing bloggers should also be doing is updating old content.  If you’ve been blogging for awhile, you don’t want to forget about all those old posts you published years ago.  Take a little time every few months to go through and update old posts to update valuable information and improve SEO.

Why should you update old posts?

  • It’s good for SEO
  • Edit outdated information
  • Update expire links
  • Edit pictures
  • Add related content links

How to Update Old Blog Posts

Add Keywords

We all know keywords are important for SEO but if you started blogging years ago your older posts might not include important keywords.  Research keywords and sprinkle them throughout your older blog post.  Add them to the title, meta description, alt tags, and headings.

Create Pinterest Friendly Images

Take your older photos and turn them into Pinterest friendly images. You especially want to do this if you were adding square or horizontal photos to your older blog posts.  We all know that Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio. The easiest way to do this is to use a free program like Canva or Picmonkey.  Crop your image so it’s the recommended size of 735 x 1102 or create a collage putting two images together.  Create a few different images that you can pin to Pinterest.  Check out our tutorial for creating pinnable images.

Update or Add Pictures and Videos

If you’ve been blogging for awhile you might remember the days when we used a regular point and shoot camera to take pictures.  Well, now’s the perfect time to retake some photos.  It’s also a great time to add a video to your most popular posts. Videos are just getting more and more popular with readers.

Add Related Posts

You can also gain authority on Google by interlinking your posts together.  Go through older posts and link to at least one related post.  If you don’t have a related post, add it to your list of things to do:)

Lengthen Posts and Update Information

Add information to lengthen your post and check for outdated links.  Google loves longer posts with useful information.  Seek to add current and valuable information that your readers can benefit from.  Also, make sure to proofread and check for grammatical errors.

Delete Old Comments

As you’re updating old blog posts, take a little time to scroll down and read through the comments.  Delete spam comments that might have made it through your filter.  It’s also a good time to respond to any comments that you might have missed earlier.

Republish Old Blog Posts

Once you’ve spent all that time updating an old post, don’t just hit publish.  Change the publish date so it’s the first post that appears on your blog. Important – Only do this if you have removed the dates from your blog post or if you set up a redirect.

What posts should you update?

I recommend using Google Analytics to see where to start updating old blog posts.  Look at your top 20 posts bringing you the most traffic and start updating those.  Then, I would recommend looking at your seasonal posts.  For examples, in January, I would recommend updating winter, Valentine’s Day, and Superbowl posts.

Now that you’ve updated your post, it’s time to share it!  Pin all those new images to Pinterest, create an Instastory, and share it on Facebook.  Also, don’t forget to add it to your newsletter.

Need help with SEO?  Check out this guide on how to SEO Your Blog Posts.


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