Every month we’re going to have a Pinterest Growth Challenge that will consist of different tasks to help grow our Pinterest traffic and ultimately increase our website’s pageviews.  The purpose of each monthly challenge will be to work on SEO, take an in-depth look at our pins and ultimately grow our Pinterest accounts.

August Pinterest Growth Challenge

Are you up for this month’s Pinterest Growth Challenge?

The first thing I want you to do is record your Pinterest stats.  Record your Average Monthly Viewers and Average Monthly Engaged somewhere so we can compare our stats at the end of the month.

Task 1:  Pinterest Profile

Everyone’s first challenge is to set up a Pinterest Profile that is search engine optimized.  There are a few places to do this.  First, your profile picture needs to be a picture of you not your website logo.

Next, make sure your username is one of three things – your name, your website name, or keywords relevant to your niche.  Changing your username is a quick fix so don’t be afraid to do it.

Pinterest Profile SEO

Now, it’s time to customize your display name.  This should be your name, website title, and your niche, what you do, or services you offer.  There are lots of great examples on Pinterest.  Find people in your niche and take a look at their display names.

And, the last step is to customize your bio.  Here you should say who you are, what you do along with more keywords that relate to your niche.  Make sure you’re using keywords to make your account searchable.

Pinterest Profile Example

I found the perfect Pinterest profile.   She even offers a free guide in her bio for her readers.

Task 2:  Board Descriptions

Your second challenge is to make sure all of your Pinterest boards have descriptions with SEO keywords in them.  The easiest way to search for keywords is to use Pinterest.  Type in your board’s topic in the Pinterest search bar and see what comes up.  Those are the keywords you want to use in your description.  For example, I have a $10 Meals board that didn’t have a description.  I typed in a few variations of $10 Meals and made sure to add those keywords to my board description.  I found that I should be using $10 Dinner Recipes, $10 Recipes, Ten Dollar Dinner Ideas, and Budget in my board description.

Task 3:  Evaluate Your Boards

For the last challenge, we’re going to evaluate our boards and see which ones are helping and which ones may be hurting our Pinterest account.

First, make sure you are using all of your boards.  Click on “Boards” and sort by “Last Saved To”.  Scroll down and take a look at the boards you haven’t pinned to in awhile.  Decide if you really need those boards.  If you haven’t pinned to them in a while you can archive them or rename them to something more relevant so you’ll start pinning to those boards.  I had boards that I hadn’t pinned anything to in months and I even had a board with no pins. I also had two boards about saving money that weren’t getting any pins or repins so I deleted both boards.

Also, Tailwind offers Board Insights to help you see which boards are getting the most pins, repins, engagements, and more.  Use those insights to see which boards you should delete or add more pins to.

Pinterest likes for you to be active on their platform but they also want your boards to be active.  Make a note to add more pins to specific boards and start pinning to boards that you might have forgotten your created.

Most importantly, Have fun!  Pinterest is all about pinning great ideas that inspire us!

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