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Google Web Stories are interactive web pages that get published on your website, allowing you full control over their length, content, design, and more importantly, monetization strategies. Google Web Stories are available to more than 800 million people a month, but they can only be viewed on the Google App on Android and IOS. Although somewhat similar to other stories format, like Instagram Stories, or Facebook Stories, Google Web Stories only appear on Google Search, Google Discover, and Google Images. That’s why it’s extremely important to follow Google’s guidelines when creating them and optimize them using the right keywords.

Why are Web Stories important?

So why are Google Web Stories important and a must have? As you can imagine, this new visual narrative data format from Google can have a huge impact on your SEO and on your website traffic. People using it have reported an increase in their website traffic by as much as 5000%! Google Web Stories can be shown as a unique result in Google search, but they can also appear in a grid view or a carousel view in Google Image search.

Aside from all the awesome benefits, Google Web Stories also gives you complete control over their monetization, making it possible to earn money through embedded ads, affiliate programs, or other creative ways that involve monetizing your traffic. What this actually means is that Google Web Stories has a huge potential to finally deliver a measurable ROI, making it the must have Social Media strategy. Our Google Web Stories creation services can help your business take advantage of all the amazing benefits that come with it by creating beautiful, interactive and engaging web stories.


What our Web Stories creation services include

  • Your post content turned into a web story
  • Awesome designs featuring your images
  • Beautiful animations and transitions
  • Story optimization with title and description
  • Adding branding elements
  • Links to your post throughout the story
  • Connections to other related posts

More time to focus on your business and your personal life

Improve your reach in Google and increase website traffic

Engage your audience with this interactive content format

Minimize costs with our remote web stories creation services

Showcase your brand and get in front of your competition

Strengthen your SEO with the new Google favorites.

What can Mimocity do for you?

About anything!!! Our group of hardworking professionals has a broad background in all types of business processes and tasks. While our focus and core is in social media presence and success, we also are willing and able to manage other aspects of your business including communications, creativity, advertising, and more.

Our value resides in managing your social media presence and ensuring the best opportunity for audience and traffic growth. The sometimes unconsidered benefit though is freeing your time up as a small business owner to focus more completely on what you do best. We take care of the complexity of your social media accounts (our core business), so you can focus on the things you do best (your core business). The partnership we have with our clients is amazing. We are proud to work with so many small businesses that are growing and progressing every day.

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