If you’re familiar with Pinterest and creating pins for your business then you’ve definitely heard all the buzz lately about Idea Pins.  In today’s post we’re sharing everything you need to know about Idea Pins including steps to create your own Idea Pins on Pinterest and helpful tips to make your Idea Pins stand out.

What are Idea Pins?

Just like all pins on Pinterest, Idea Pins are designed to be a visual story. The different is – Idea Pins tell an entire story from beginning to end with up to 20 pages of videos, images and text. If you have a Pinterest Business Account, you can create Idea Pins to share multiple images and videos with custom text, ingredient lists, supply lists and more in one single pin.

Idea Pins do not link to your website or blog so they won’t direct traffic to your site but they will help grow your audience and increase engagement on Pinterest.

When to Use Idea Pins

Story Pins are great for recipes, step-by-step tutorials, and collections of similar ideas.  They are also great when you want to share a simple DIY or quick recipe but don’t want to create an entire blog post about that one project.  I’ve also seem them used to share round-ups of your favorite products, recipes, ideas and more.

How to Create Idea Pins on Your Computer

  1. Click CREATE at the top of the page and click CREATE IDEA PIN. Click CREATE NEW.
  2. Upload your pictures and/or videos.
  3. Select each individual image to design the layout, add text, and edit the color of each page.  Once you’ve finished designing each page, click NEXT.
  4. Type the title of your Idea Pin.
  5. Choose the board you would like to save your Idea Pin to and choose up tags related to your pin.
  6. Add ingredients,
  7. Click the arrow next to ADD A LIST and select INGREDIENTS, SUPPLIES, or NOTES. Share the ingredients or supplies needed or share a little note about your Idea Pin.
  8. Select PUBLISH.

How to Create Idea Pins on Your Phone

  1. Click on the + at the bottom of the screen and select IDEA PIN.
  2. Select the photos and/or videos you would like to include in your story pin.
  3. Make it unique by adding audio, music, text, stickers, and more to each image. Click NEXT.
  4. Add a list of ingredients, supplies or notes to your Idea Pin.
  5. Give your Idea Pin a title and choose a board to save your pin to.
  6. Add tags so people can find your pin when they search Pinterest. Click PUBLISH.

How to Edit Idea Pins

After you’ve published an Idea Pin, the only part of the pin that can be edited is the board and section it was saved to.

Tips for Creating Idea Pins

  • Get creative with your Idea Pins.  Create covers in Canva or Picmonkey to add to your story pins to grab peoples attention.
  • List ingredients, supplies, directions in the Idea Pin so readers can get the full story in the pin.
  • Add the URL to your website somewhere in the story pin so readers can find your site easily.  Also, include a call to action in the list of ingredients or supplies so readers know to visit your profile for the link to your website.
  • Include at least 5 related topic tags with each idea pin so people can find your pin when searching Pinterest and when viewing similar pins.
  • Idea Pins are being released in phases so if you don’t have the access to them yet, you can request it HERE.

It’s important to remember that people use Pinterest as a visual search engine and for inspiration.  We recommend creating fresh pins, video pins and Story Pins on a regular basis. We think it’s important to create all 3 types of pins.  We know that static pins will be the #1 driver of traffic to your site but we also know that people who pin story pins and video pins alongside their static pins are getting the most engagement.  Most importantly, get creative with your pins and have fun creating them!  Your hard work will pay off!

Need help creating pins and Idea Pins?  We can help!  Contact us for more information.

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