It’s time for another Pinterest Growth Challenge.  Did you finish last month’s challenge?  Check out the August Pinterest Growth Challenge to catch up.

Just to recap – every month we’re going to have a Pinterest Growth Challenge that will consist of different tasks to help grow our Pinterest traffic and ultimately increase our website’s pageviews. The purpose of each monthly challenge will be to work on SEO, take an in-depth look at our pins and ultimately grow our Pinterest accounts.

Are you up for this month’s Pinterest Growth Challenge?

The first thing I want you to do is record your Pinterest stats.  Record your Average Monthly Viewers and Average Monthly Engaged somewhere so we can compare our stats at the end of the month.  If you recorded your stats last at the beginning of last month, record your updated stats.

Task #1 – Live Pinning

Spend 5 minutes on Pinterest pinning things from your Pinterest feed.  Use Pinterest as a search engine and pin things that interest you to your favorite Pinterest boards.  After all, that’s what Pinterest was designed for.

Task #2 – Google Analytics

Log into your Google Analytics and change the dates to September 1 – September 30, 2017.  Pin those pins to a few of your Pinterest boards or add them to your Tailwind schedule.  Get those pins circulating again.  Now, look at your top performing posts from the last week of August 2018 and repin those posts.  Those posts are popular for a reason so keep them out there in Pinterest land.


Task #3 – Tailwind Tribes

If you have Tailwind, I want you to join at least 10 tribes.  Search for tribes in your niche.  Start adding 10-20 pins a week to the tribes.  Make sure you’re sharing other pins and following the tribe rules.

Remember, have fun!  Pinterest is all about pinning great ideas that inspire us!

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