Wouldn’t it be awesome if every pin we shared on Pinterest immediately went viral?  We we can dream, right?!

Well, today we’re sharing a few tips to help pins gain traction on Pinterest.  This isn’t a guarantee but I promise these 5 steps will definitely help your pins receive more pins and clicks.

tips to help your pins go viral

Make Your Pins Go Viral

Create Images People Want to Pin

First, create pinworthy images.  This is obviously the most important step because Pinterest is a visual search engine.  If you want people to repin your pins and click through to your site then you have to make your images stand out in the Pinterest feed.

  • Create Vertical Pins – Vertical pins stand out better on Pinterest.  The optimal size is 735 pixels by 1102 pixels.  This is a 2:3 ratio.  Need more help with creating pinnable images?  We have a great resource for creating pinnable images.
  • Create multiple pinnable images for each post.
  • Edit older posts by creating new pinnable images for those posts and add them to Pinterest.
  • Add your website url or brand logo to each pin so they know who the image belongs to.

Pin, Pin, and Re-Pin

Make sure you are pinning your images multiple times to multiple boards. People usually pin their pins once and move onto other things.  You want to make sure that you pin your pins to different boards on a regular basis.  Space it out over a few months.  I recommend keeping a spreadsheet to keep track of what your pinning and when you’re pinning it.  Seasonal pins need to be shared every year to relevant boards and group boards so they are seen again on the Pinterest feed.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is your best friend when it comes to blogging.  Dig into your Google Analytics to see which pins are currently trending right now. Also, repin your top 10 blog posts every month to relevant boards.

SEO and Keywords

I mentioned earlier that Pinterest is a visual search engine.  Make sure every pin has a detailed description.  I also recommend adding a description with keywords to the alt text of the image on your website so when someone pins the image directly from your site the pin will also include the description.  It’s very important to include keywords in the description to help with search engine optimization.

Share the Love

Just a friendly reminder that when it comes to blogging, we need to work as a team.  Don’t use Pinterest just to share your own content.  It’s definitely a team effort when it comes to sharing great content and you have to share the love.   Get on and start pinning other great content that you see on your feed.  This is very important!  Plus, Pinterest loves when you log on, browse, and pin.  That’s what it was created for.  Tailwind is also a great tool to use for sharing your pins and other pins.

We all know that Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic to our websites.  With a little time and hard work, it’s possible for your pins to go viral especially if you follow these tips.

So, now it’s your turn to share.  Have you had a pin go viral?  Share your best tip in the comments below.

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