5 Reasons to Hire an Instagram Manager, Instagram Virtual Assistant


Instagram is a visual, social platform with a vast audience and inexpensive marketing opportunities. Whether you’re a blogger or a business, you need to be on Instagram. However, between understanding the evolving algorithms, best practice hashtag strategies, optimizing your campaigns, and analyzing your results, the platform can get confusing fast. Even if you’re a seasoned Instagrammer, and have a robust knowledge of the platform, it’s time-consuming. If you’ve come to a place in your business where it’s either too confusing or too time-consuming, then it may be time to work with an Instagram manager or virtual assistant company that has more expertise or resources to tap into.


A common mistake bloggers or businesses make is to post and then forget to go engage with their audience. Engagement takes time and energy, and when you’re spread across several social media platforms, it’s easy to miss comments that you should definitely spend time replying to. Remember that Instagram has an algorithm that can tell if you are engaging or not. The platform is geared more towards conversations than likes at this point, and more comments equals Instagram showing your photo to more people. If you #postandghost, Instagram will pick up on this, and this can be a big problem for your following. An Instagram account manager will spend time in your account every week, ensuring that your engagement is on target. With this type of virtual assistant, you can ghost out as much as you need to. A good Instagram manager will have your back and be there for your audience as much or as little as you require.


You know you need to post on Instagram every day to be successful. However, your fantastic website content requires a fantastic amount of time, or your business is interested in looking for a cheaper alternative to another employee. Every Instagram account is different and uses unique strategies, but one thing that should be a must is consistent, quality posting. A good Instagram account manager will work on a strategy with you and then schedule out your posts for you by pulling agreed upon content from your website. It should feel like a #setitandforgetit mentality. You’ll end up posting and engaging every day without ever having to open up your app.


When looking for a virtual assistant provider for Instagram, you should look for a VA or manager that has multiple clients. Most companies with multiple clients see multiple strategies, and they have opportunities to engage with a client base that will match yours. This creates opportunities for exposure that you would not have on your own.


You’ve created gorgeous photos and awesome content for your blog or business. You’ve monetized it with affiliate marketing, sponsors, classes, product sales etc. Now you have to succeed in marketing your content, and Instagram is one of the platforms you need. You’re either a one-woman show or you are a business that needs to be smart with resources. The easiest, cheapest, and best ROI is to hire an Instagram manager. Be the boss and get rid of the minutia as much as possible. It’s the easiest to hand-off because it’s a process that can be handled by other experts, who have more reach and resources, without taking time away from more pressing priorities.


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