It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I’m not talking about Christmas.  I’m talking about the biggest earning period of the year for bloggers – Fourth Quarter.

Now is the best time to take a look at a few things on your site for maximum growth during this busy season. These Fourth Quarter Blogging Tips will get you prepared for your best quarter yet!

Fourth Quarter Blogging Tips

Quarter 4 Blogging Tips

Share Your Holiday Content

Start pinning all your holiday content.  Get it scheduled to your relevant boards and start sharing on Tailwind.

We recommend sharing holiday content at least 30 days before the event or celebration- preferable 60 days in advance.  With the holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more) approaching, holiday content needs to be shared NOW.  If you are creating Halloween and Thanksgiving content, hurry because the window will close quickly to get these shared. You will want to have your Christmas pins created and pinned no later than November 15th.

It’s also important to share your posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Get those holiday posts out there for everyone to see.

Know Your Audience

Google Analytics is your best friend when it comes to knowing your audience.  Use it to look up your most popular content from this time last year.  Look at those posts and see how you can update them.

Look in Tailwind at your most repinned boards. These are going to give you direction on what type of pins your followers are most interested in. You will want to tailor your content to match what’s popular. Build off your proven successes.

Create New Pins

Pins for New Content – for the newest posts that you are placing on your site, create more than one pin. You can be creative with these pins, with some having text overlay and others not. Make a collage with multiple pictures. Create video pins that may resonate better with your audience. As always, I will include ideas for topics in my “Pin Prep” section in this newsletter.

Pins for Old Content – I am a big fan of creating new pins to support your most popular posts for years past. If you have a Thanksgiving or holiday recipe that brought a lot of traffic to your site last year, let’s make sure to create a few new pins to support that same content.

Update Affiliate Links

First, look at the products and affiliate links that are bringing in the most money and see how you can promote that link more. Next, check to see that all of your affiliate links are updated.  If you have an old gift guide, make sure the links still work. Finally, Look at your most popular posts and see where and how you can add affiliate links within the post.

Update Your Media Kit

Now is the time to make sure your media kit is up to date.  Brands have more money to spend and they want to work with you.  Check to make sure your Media Kit has all your current stats.  It’s also a good time to reach out to your favorite brands.  Pitch those holiday ideas now.


Your goal right now is to drive as much traffic to your site so set aside a few hours a week to focus on your newsletter.  It’s the perfect time of year to create a freebie for your subscribers or create a new opt-in to attract new subscribers.  This will also help drive more traffic to your site after the new year when things slow down.

Link to Old Content

Last but nowt least – make sure you are linking to similar posts within every post you publish.  Go back through your holiday posts and most popular posts to make sure you are linking to at least three blog posts.  Keep your readers on your site!

Which of these tips will help you the most during this busy blogging season? 

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