Can you believe fall is already here and winter is on the horizon? Before we know it, Christmas will be upon us. In preparation for a joyous holiday season, let’s work on updating your holiday content. Remember that bloggers are planners, so it’s a good idea to start promoting your holiday content now, before the festive season begins. We’ve put together a list of our top six tips to make sure your content is ready for a fresh audience.

Pinterest for the Holidays

Holiday Recycling Works! 

Your audience’s next great idea may be an idea you’ve already got in your bag. So don’t be afraid to break out old posts on your favorite holiday wreath guide and give it a little refresher. Google Analytics is your best friend during this time. This platform will show you your top performing holiday posts. Pick the top ten that really stick out and work on optimizing these posts that attract traffic. Not sure how to view your best posts? Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to help!

Holiday Branding Works Too!

Are you low on holiday content? Never fear, the solution is easier than you think. Head back to your Google Analytics and find another five top performing posts. Optimize these posts for the holidays by adding in some festive flare to the pin. Remember to be specific in how you label the boards your holiday pins go under. Instead of “Christmas,” try “Christmas Desserts” for your board name.

Create New Content 

Creating new content may seem like a daunting task, but do you remember why you started into the blog world? You are a creative powerhouse! And creators are never more happy than when they are engaging in that creative process. So find your joy! What gets you excited? What new and amazing thing would you like to see, eat, or wear at your next holiday party? Make a goal for a few new posts per holiday, and not only will that get your mind going, but your Pinterest audience will like it too.

Outsource Your Pins

Are you low on time? Outsourcing may be for you. NBVA can help! We specialize in pin creation and board optimization. If you need time to get creating, let us handle the busy work of putting together your images and optimizing your boards.

Pinterest Friendly Images Are a Must

Pinterest (and your audience) loves high-quality images that grab the viewer’s attention. If your photos are looking a little stale or outdated, find a nice backdrop and update your photos. Make sure to draw your viewers’ eye to the subject of the photo by cropping the photo to remove excess space. Also, remember that Pinterest prefers vertical 2:3 pins over shorter, chunkier pins. Pick fonts that are easy to read and the viewer can comprehend right away. It may be fun to be fancy with scripty fonts, but the last thing we want is your viewers scrolling past your pin because it’s not readable. We want to pique your audience’s interest with stunning photos and easy to understand content, so they are encouraged to learn more and click through to your site.

Learn how to create pinnable images here.

Insert Related Content Into Your Posts 

Inserting related content will help improve your SEO and keep your readers on your website longer. It’s all about providing the best user experience you can by making their journey on your site as easy as possible. After they’ve finished reading your post, they are likely unsure of what to do next. Interweaving related content into your post gives your visitors direction on what to read next. Focus on adding internal text links to your other blog posts and placing small photos of related content throughout your post.

The holidays are a great time to capitalize on growing your blog. This is the Pinterest “on” season, and we are all rolling our sleeves up and getting ready to rock it! Throughout this busy time, we wish you lots of happy pinning and repinning! We’re also here to help, so if you feel overwhelmed at all, contact us for support.

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