We all know that Pinterest is a powerful search engine for your website and now it’s time to take your Pinterest strategy to the next level with video pins.

Are you wondering how to make video pins to showcase your latest blog post?  Well, guess what?  We’re here to help!  After testing different sites and software, we’re sharing the easiest way to create video pins.

Benefits to Creating Video Pins

  • People love to watch videos.  Not only are they engaging but they capture your audience’s attention.
  • Pinterest wants to show your video pins and they are showing up as the top results when users search for keywords.
  • Sharing video pins can help drive traffic to your YouTube channel, website, product pages, and more!

How to Create Video Pins

Our tutorial uses Canva to create video pins.  Canva is a free website and makes it really easy to create vertical video pins that you can quickly make and add to your Pinterest boards.  You do not need to have a Canva Pro account to make video pins but you will need to create an account to make video pins.

Step 1: New Design

Create a new design in Canva or open this template.  In this example we’re making a vertical pin that’s 1000 px by 2000 px with a video displayed above an image. If using our template, click FILE and make a copy to edit.

Step 2: Import Video and Image

Click UPLOAD to add your videos and images.  Click on the video and image to place on the blank canvas or drag to drop into the template we’ve created.  If you want to add a title, select TEXT and ADD A HEADING.  Change the font, resize, and move title.

Step 3: Download

Once you’ve added your video and images, click DOWNLOAD to save your video to your computer.

That’s it!  Create video pins for Pinterest in three easy steps.

Video Pin Templates

I’ve also created a few 2:3 video pin templates that you can use to share more videos.  Pinterest wants to see fresh pins so use these templates to create a variety of video pins.  Open the link HERE and save a copy to your Canva account.

How to Create Video Pins

Still feeling overwhelmed with creating video pins?  Please contact us for more information about our Video Pin Packages.  If you have any questions about this tutorial, please feel free to comment below or email use.


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